The Beginning

Six months ago this week, we lost a great man. From Durham to New York City to Los Angeles and around the world, Yusuf's friends had the same question: "Why?"

One step further, "Did anyone see this coming?" The consensus was and still is, no - even from his closest friends. Therein lies the impetus for BRKTHRU. The attention to all parts of the individual, most particularly, the mind. Yusuf's story is unique in the dynamic of his spirit, but he is not the first and most certainly, not the last, to struggle internally and keep it hidden from his friends, family and most intimate social circles.

BRKTHRU is here to demolish the concept that there is a delineation between mental and physical fitness. In fact, the two are in many senses completely dependent on one another. Begin to look at your own mental health as you would the condition of your physical body. The mind can be conditioned and strengthened just as a runner's legs in preparation for a marathon.

Further, we want to create an atmosphere of understanding, compassion and fellowship that encourages all to pay attention to the mental, spiritual and emotional status of those within arms reach. Ask questions. Offer support. Own your role as a friend.

- Shaffer

Even the death of Friends will inspire us as much as their lives. They will leave consolation to the mourners, as the rich leave money to defray the expenses of their funerals, and their memories will be incrusted over with sublime and pleasing thoughts, as monuments of other men are overgrown with moss; for our Friends have no place in the graveyard.

- Henry David Thoreau