The I-Ching :: 21 :: Shih Ho | Biting Through

Our BRKTHRU logo is inspired by the Taoist symbol for wind, an ever present phenomenon that is as rational and natural as it is surreal.  The structure of the symbol encompasses the I Ching dynamics:  a set of oracular statements represented by 64 sets of six lines (hexagrams).

The text (one of the oldest in human history) was re-interpreted as a system of cosmology and philosophy that became intrinsic within Taoist culture.  The I Ching was designed to describe all possible experiences, based upon patterns it must be able to adapt to.  This system animates a profound intuitive cosmology and metaphysical grasp of the human experience.

Today we look at I Ching 21: Shih Ho / Biting Through



Nine at the beginning means: His feet are fastened in the stocks, So that his toes disappear. No blame.


BITING THROUGH has success.
It is favorable to let justice be administered.

When an obstacle to union arises, energetic biting through brings success. 

As a rule, 'Biting Through' is something you do, not something that happens to you. It always indicates that there is a problem to be tackled, and usually you are the one who needs to get your teeth into it. The basic pattern of this hexagram, which you can understand at all levels from personal to social, is the presence of some obstacle to unity, like something tough between your teeth. It may be some deception or a third party keeping a relationship apart, or some obstacle such as self-deception dividing you from yourself: in all cases, it has to be bitten through to restore wholeness and make things work again.

We are here with you.

- David