The Story of the Running Tour

It started as one race and built into a tour.

I had the idea (as did most of Yusuf's close friends) to build out a memorial race, that would carry his name for years to come. That idea is still alive, but there's much more to be done in these first few years of BRKTHRU and many more races to run for him. Thus was born the Oh Let's Yusuf Running Tour.


Oh Let's Yusuf was Yu's creation. A few years back, as we were plotting out our birthday weekends, both he and Travis had the idea to do something collectively with their weekends. Trav had Bondstock and Yu came up with Oh Let's Yusuf. In that spirit of celebration, we revived Oh Let's Yusuf for all races we run for him and will run for him, from here on out.

Each one of the races selected has a particular meaning for BRKTHRU - from the Navy-Air Force Half, which runs by my old apartment in DC (where Yu crashed many a night), to the Miami Marathon, which was Yu's favorite road race he'd ever run... but we want more race suggestions! We want as many runners and supporters as possible! We want to create a community of mental fitness that will last for years to come! Run with us!