Before there was BRKTHRU, there was Yusuf Neville

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I lost my best friend in January of 2014.  Yusuf Neville was like a brother to me, and for the entirety of my maturation and young adulthood, Yusuf was by my side. Growing up in Durham, NC we gave each other rides to go lifeguard in high school, crashed on each other's dorm room floors throughout college and ran all over the world in the years since postgrad. His suicide was impossibly confusing for me and everyone close to him.

BRKTHRU finds purpose in revealing that unknown in the whole health of those closest to us. Whether a friend is simply having a bad day or there is something deeper, BRKTHRU aims to change the way we care about and for one another's mental fitness. - Shaffer


Designed and developed by a close family member of Yusuf's, the BRKTHRU brand is strong and steady, hopeful and inspiring. From logotype and marks to brand imagery and language, BRKTHRU is a constant, reassuring foundation that is always rooting for you.

Formally based on the Taoist symbol for wind, an ever-present phenomenon that is as rational and natural as it is surreal. It also serves as a reminder that the fact some things are invisible to the eye is no indication of whether or not they are present.