Runner's High

Endurance races and run teams are an effective way to empower those affected, fundraise and lift spirits in the name of mental health awareness. Running will forever be integral to the fabric of BRKTHRU.

2016 Miami marathon Testimonials



"From the days of Yu and the fellas joking from the practice football field as I ran past for cross country practice. I never would of thought he'd be the sole inspiration on this journey to my first full marathon. Though, it shouldn't be such a surprise because ever since youngsters Yu challenged me to be a better individual in life, rather it be directly or me watching the brother excel in anything he put his heart to. What most see as barriers we always looked at as hurdles and this is no different. Let's go! Breakdown? No. #BRKTHRU.”



"Being in decent shape has never been a problem, but I hate running. Yu invited me to run the Miami Marathon with him twice... I had all the excuses in the world. I ways told Yu that he was wise beyond his years. He always had a overly mature outlook and we were able to vibe on things that some others just couldn't grasp. But when it came to this running lifestyle I was just like, 'nah bro lol.' The last time we had a conversation about it my exact words were 'Yo, you're crazy... I CAN'T run that far! You can have that running sh*t.' Yu looked me dead in the face and said 'If I can do it, you can do it.' After that I couldn't say 'no' anymore. 'Well, I guess I'll meet you in Miami in 2015.' He replied 'No excuses.' No excuses Yu. Game time. Breakdown? No. #BRKTHRU."


"...In a few short days, I will touch down in Miami to step out of my comfort zone, test my limits, push the boundaries and create new memories with some great people - all this with a profound purpose in mind.

I will #BRKTHRU any limiting beliefs I've ever had about running 13.1 miles at one time, without stopping. Keep in mind, this is my very FIRST official race, ever! #GHOE5K aside.

I pray my efforts serve as a source of encouragement for anyone that wants to challenge themselves to accomplish what was once an insurmountable task. You can do it.

Thanks for the inspiration Shaf, Will, Mitch, Trey, Yu, Matt, Pam, Marc, Fred, etc. Preciate you all. Breakdown? No. #BRKTHRU." @craigstokes


"In 2007 I found myself in Miami for spring break. Intoxicated from the night before barely ended, I hit the beach for a morning run with Yusuf. It was 7AM. It was just something we did to make ourselves feel we balanced our reckless behavior I guess, or perhaps just to say we could. Some years later I looked up and this guy was running the Great Wall of China. Done! Feeling inspired I checked back in. I started running again, but the inspiration was just the spark and needed fuel. I needed a reason. Ironically one night during training for my first half-marathon, I was suppose to do 10 and ended up doing 13. Somewhere along the way I found my reason for running. It was so potent it pushed me beyond my limits. My last miles were faster than my first. Now it is a driving force in my life and I hold it close. There is a parallel between running and living. I'm grateful to my good friend Yusuf for his spark. It set me on the path and I'm looking forward to taking it back to where we started. Miami. Breakdown? No. #BRKTHRU." @unreasonableman


"What started out as a competition, has now become my refuge. Yusuf knew I didn't like to be challenged, so I answered the call by purchasing a pair of running shoes. On my first half marathon, I tied Yusuf's best half marathon time. He stepped up his game after that. Although he's not here physically, his spirit is with me every time I lace up my shoes and run. Running keeps me looking great physically and with the stress and demands that life puts on me mentally, it has become my therapy. I guess getting a really good (runner's) high isn't such a bad thing after all. Come Sunday, I can check off running 26.2 from my bucket list. Breakdown? No. #BRKTHRU." @mr_jasper_smith


"Three years ago I embarked on a different exercising journey. I joined CrossFit and got into the best shape of my life. I have never been a fan of running but in October of last year I decided it was time to try something different. I’ve had my ups & downs during my training for the #MiamiHalf, pushing my body to the limit. I constantly had to remind myself that if it was easy then everyone would be doing it. I am not running for a healthier lifestyle… I am running for Yusuf. He motivated me, not to just run, but to be great while doing it. I am shooting for the moon because even if I miss it I will still land among the stars. Breakdown? No. #BRKTHRU." @thetoulman
"'When the road you're trudging seems all uphill... Rest if you must, but don't you quit.'


Over the last 17 weeks or so, this training seemed impossible. 'You want me to run what? ...why?' And then it became more of a mental challenge. When you're body tells you it's over, for me it was about being able to mentally push through that wall. Some of those long runs wouldn't have been possible without Greedy, Shaff, Greg Jeff, Trey, Fred, Trav, #DRC and many more - they pushed me, through their grind.

This year, with every mile I've run, every race I've ran, and every medal I've earned, I did it with Yusuf Neville on my mind. And in 4 days, we take on Miami. We'll run for ourselves, we'll run for each other, we'll run for #Yu. We're truly all we got and it'll be a gift to run in his honor. Breakdown? Oh god no, #BRKTHRU." @almaroofies


"Last year running the Miami Half Marathon was about going to Miami, running with friends and then partying afterwards. I had no idea what it would take to accomplish a half marathon. My ego said, 'Will, you're an athlete this shouldn't be hard.' Mind you I haven't run more than a mile in over six years. I began to train I realized I might have bitten off more than I could chew. Eventually, that worry subsided and after a while found myself invigorated - not because I found myself getting into shape but rather because I was running with a purpose. I wasn't only running for myself I was now running for my brothers. The constant communication and encouragement made me stronger not only mentally, but spiritually. What started off as a fun idea low and behold turned into a life changing endeavor. As I prepare for the full this time, I can't do anything but be thankful. I'm thankful for my friends and family who constantly encourage me and I'm even more thankful for the movement that has been started! I can't wait to see everyone in Miami. We All We Got, Baby! Breakdown? No. #BRKTHRU." @willmedley