We address, support, educate, counsel and inspire individuals and their families who are affected by mental, physical, and psycho-spiritual health disorders.

Our Mission

To empower the mental health community. To promote mental fitness. To break the stigma of mental illness. To address the unmet needs of those dealing with mental health disorders and assist those individuals in living their fullest life.

BRKTHRU will remove the cloak of ignorance and mystery about mental health issues through education, communication, and recreation.

Tipping Point

Last summer, the government pledged its support in bringing mental health disorders “out of the shadows.” BRKTHRU will seize the shifting tide in American consciousness while incorporating personal motivation & dynamic experience to break down the stigma associated with mental health.

For many people who suffer from a mental illness, recovery can be challenging, but what helps more than anything, what gives so many of our friends and loved ones strength, is the knowledge that you are not alone.
— Barack Obama, President of the United States

Initial Range

Unlike most disabling physical diseases, mental illness begins very early in life. Young people with mental disorders suffer disability when they are in the prime of life. 

All Lifetime Cases of Mental Illness

All Lifetime Cases of Mental Illness

A September 2014 study released by the UN found suicide to be the second leading cause of death in 15-29 year olds globally. To remain most effective in our launch period, it will be essential to target young adults aged 18-24. With this initial target age range we can push an educational agenda that will rely on partnerships with colleges and will attract dynamic individuals to support race teams and event hosting.